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Centers and institutes serve as hubs of collaboration in areas as diverse as microbiology and papermaking. As innovative and interdisciplinary forums for trailblazing ideas, they allow scholars from across the university to tackle problems and make lasting contributions to the world’s body of knowledge.


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  • The Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences is an interdisciplinary community that fosters research, education, and outreach about the Earth's interior, continents, oceans, atmosphere, and biosphere, their interactions, and co-evolution through our planet's history, and humanity's dependence and impacts upon these systems. Among the many initiatives and facilities within the institute's community are cutting-edge research and instruction on assessing and managing the risks that climate change and habitat change create for communities, economies, and ecosystems; one of the world’s leading integrated oceanic and atmospheric observation and prediction systems; and active oceanographic, ecological and glaciological field programs in the Arctic and the Antarctic.

  • As part of the Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick, the Institute for Ethical Leadership is dedicated to the study of leadership ethics and to programs for students and practitioners that aim to cultivate the knowledge and imagination to exercise ethical and effective leadership.

  • The Institute for Families at the School of Social Work has a mission to support and strengthen families and communities by increasing the capacity of human service professionals and organizations. The institute achieves this through training, technical assistance, professional development, applied research and evaluation, and direct service and advocacy.

  • The Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research facilitates collaboration among the social and behavioral sciences, clinical disciplines, basic sciences, and related fields to promote research on critical population health issues. The institute is comprised of three major divisions, four centers, a community health collaborative, a research group, an undergraduate research training program, and a national program office funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

    112 Paterson Street

    New Brunswick, NJ 08901


  • The Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases at New Jersey Medical School is a hub for centers of excellence that pursue novel approaches to detect, treat, and prevent a wide range of current and emerging diseases caused by infectious agents and harmful inflammation. Research at the institute focuses on the breakthrough field that examines the link between infectious and inflammatory diseases.

  • As part of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the Institute for Neurological Therapeutics has a mission to promote translational research to illuminate the pathogenesis of chronic incurable neurodegenerative disorders and develope novel therapies. The institute provides an environment for training graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and physician scientists in translational research in neurological therapeutics. Undergraduates, medical students, and neurology residents or trainees from other departments who wish to explore research opportunities in neurologic diseases also rotate through institute's laboratories


    683 Hoes Lane West

    Piscataway, NJ 08854


  • The Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine brings basic and applied researchers together with clinicians pursuing grand challenges in biomedical research using quantitative tools of measurement and analysis from chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, and statistics.

  • The Institute for Research on Women (IRW) advances interdisciplinary scholarship on gender, sexuality and women. Part of the School of Arts and Sciences, IRW was founded in the mid-1970s by faculty and administrators seeking to expand feminist scholarship and activism beyond the university’s fledgling women’s studies program. Today, IRW supports a broad range of programming designed to stimulate research and activism on gender, sexuality, and women within and across the disciplines throughout and beyond Rutgers.

  • The Institute for the Study of Child Development is a research center within the Department of Pediatrics at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. The institute's faculty is comprised of psychologists, educators, and other professionals interested in understanding and facilitating the development of children and their families. The institute seeks to understand individual children by studying normal and atypical development patterns.

    89 French Street

    New Brunswick, NJ 08901


  • As a consortium of nine units dedicated to education, research, and public service, the Institute for Women's Leadership examines women and gender, advocates on behalf of diversity and gender equity, and advances women's leadership in all arenas of public life. The institute brings together the expertise of its member units to examine and promote women’s leadership in education, research, the arts, sciences, politics and government, human rights, the workplace, and the world.