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Centers and institutes serve as hubs of collaboration in areas as diverse as microbiology and papermaking. As innovative and interdisciplinary forums for trailblazing ideas, they allow scholars from across the university to tackle problems and make lasting contributions to the world’s body of knowledge.


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  • The Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling (ECPIP), home of the Rutgers-Eagleton Poll, is the oldest and one of the most respected university-based state survey research centers in the U.S. ECPIP has conducted over 200 public opinion polls on the state of New Jersey and provides scientifically sound, non-partisan information about public opinion. The center conducts research for all levels of government and nonprofit organizations with a public interest mission, as well as college and university-based researchers and staff. ECPIP makes it a priority to design opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn how to read, analyze, design, and administer polls.

  • The Eagleton Institute of Politics studies how American politics and government work and change, analyzes how democracy might improve, and promotes political participation and civic engagement. The institute explores state and national politics through research, education, and public service, linking the study of politics with its day-to-day practice. Eagleton’s curricular education programs prepare selected undergraduate and graduate students to engage in politics as responsive, effective, ethical citizens and leaders.

  • The center provides classroom and online radon programs that help prepare students for national (NRPP, NRSB) or state radon measurement and mitigation certification exams and/or earn continuing education credits.

    The Eastern Regional Radon Training Center at Rutgers is one of four Regional Radon Training Centers established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The training center's service area ranges from Maine to West Virginia and also serves North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

  • The Education and Employment Research Center conducts research and evaluation on policies and practice at the intersection of education and employment for education, government, philanthropy, business, and workforce development organizations. The center is part of the School of Management and Labor Relations and strives to improve education and training to ensure students and workers are prepared to be successful in today's workforce.

  • The Environmental Analysis and Communications Group at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy is a multidisciplinary team of researchers and practitioners that advances strategies and approaches designed to build communities that are healthier, greener, equitable, resilient, and more prosperous. Through research, technical assistance to communities and decision-makers, policy analyses, and facilitation of collaborative and participatory efforts, EAC develops and deploys evidence-based strategies that inform planning, policies, and decision-making at the state, regional, and local levels.

  • With its broad and multidisciplinary faculty expertise, the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Institute (EOHSI) is an international resource that supports basic and clinical research in environmental health sciences and exposure assessment and fosters associated programs in environmental health education and public policy. EOHSI serves as an unbiased source of expertise about environmental problems for communities, employers and governments in all areas of occupational and environmental health, toxicology and risk assessment. EOHSI members are active as advisors to international, national, state and local organizations on public health issues.

  • Located on George H. Cook Campus, the Equine Science Center is a program of New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station dedicated to better horse care through research and education to advance the well-being and performance of horses and the equine industry.