CliMit Showcases Startup at Propelify Festival

CliMit, which is a Rutgers based startup, participated in Propelify to represent Rutgers Entrepreneurs on the sixth of October. Propelify is an innovation festival made to share ideas that have the capacity for change. At this festival they were able to showcase their progress and work they have done in the startup. Through this festival, an amazing connection was made for the opportunity to receive funding for the startup. 

CliMit is a startup focused on developing a web-based product built by GIS (Geographic Information) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) that helps local governments understand the risks of climate-induced disasters such as floods. The program teaches them how to effectively lessen the damages.  

Their mission is to face climate change to preserve the new generation's infrastructure and future. Micheal Panchery founded CliMit in July 2021 with a team of 12 students. Built in the Honors College Innovation Lab, Micheal also met Late Sidebotham, his COO and CTO. By December of that year, the traction for the program had grown and they had over 100 undergraduate students applying to be a part of it.

During the Spring semester following December, their results were instant! CliMit was accepted into the Clinton Global Initiative University, a program for students making vast impacts on society. They were also quarter finalists in the TCU Neely Values and Ventures Competition in Fort Worth, TX. This milestone represented Rutgers at the global level.

Currently, according to the CEO and founder, CliMit has 33 students working for the startup, each in their respective departments. The departments work on their AI work, social media, and customer outreach. This semester they are working on the data mentioned before in order to be a model and launch for their startup, which requires funding. In order to achieve this funding CliMit is applying to many startup competitions in order to have a successful launch. 

What is in store for the future of CliMit? They are not certain of the future but know that they will be "tackling the world's most pressing issue in climate change," according to Micheal. 

If you would like to know more about CliMit, you can do so at and on their social media @climitco.