Rutgers Teams Participate in the 2023 EnergyTech University Prize Competition

Rutgers University had a strong representation in the EnergyTech University Prize competition, being 1 of 40 schools to have multiple teams participate out of 124 schools and 184 teams. This national competition is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and challenges university teams to develop and pitch ideas for energy innovation.

Idea Alex Simeo MoneyUp Winner

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of Rutgers University's New Brunswick campus, and the institution is proud of its many programs and initiatives that help students with entrepreneurial aspirations. One such program is the yearly Rutgers UPitch Competition, which allows students to showcase their innovative ideas and business plans before a panel of judges.


NASDAQ TradeTalks Logo

SageTech was featured on an episode of NASDAQ Trade Talks in order to expand on their research and purpose as a team. Co-founders Oliver Kisza, Claudia Santacruz, and Brianna Lischy speak about the goals for the future of education and accessible experiential learning.