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Caring for Our Community

Caring for Our Community

The Rutgers–New Brunswick community continues to experience hurt and anxiety related to the ongoing war in Gaza. The resources on this page reaffirm our commitment to uphold a culture of safety, well-being, mutual respect, and academic freedom.

Action Plan: Supporting Our Community 

Rutgers–New Brunswick is committed to meeting the needs of our diverse community members. In December 2023 we published a list of strategies for supporting our campus community amid tensions caused by the ongoing war in Gaza.  

Strategy #1: DEI Programming and Training

Provide expanded opportunities for awareness and education on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues for faculty, staff, and students.

Strategy #2: Defining Antisemitism and Islamophobia for Our Community 

Help our campus community understand the roots of Islamophobia and antisemitism and how they manifest in our community.

Strategy #3: Establish Advisory Groups for the Chancellor 

The Chancellor’s Office has established an Advisory Group on Jewish Life and Preventing Antisemitism and an Advisory Group on Arab, Muslim, and Palestinian Life.

Strategy #4: Review and Update Current Policies and Procedures 

Review the university’s bias policy and protocols, and related policies and procedures, to ensure their effectiveness.

Strategy #5: Establish a Task Force on Faculty, Staff, and Student Codes of Conduct 

Review our codes of conduct to ensure sufficient accountability.

Strategy #6: Redefine What Community Outreach Looks Like 

Explore the creation of new strategic alliances and intentional outreach toward different segments of our campus community.

Strategy #7: Examine Ways to Strengthen Our Process for Supporting Different Forms of Free Expression 

Acknowledging that our process for supporting free expression has been adopted by other institutions and presented as a best practice, examine how to ensure greater responsiveness, planning, and coordination.

We can use this moment to deepen our collective understanding. When engaging with fellow students or other members of the campus community, it behooves us all to listen and learn.

Francine Conway, Ph.D.

Chancellor and Distinguished Professor
Rutgers University–New Brunswick

Learning Resources

We are a community of scholars, educators, researchers, and perpetual learners, and we grow together through troubling times. Explore resources that demonstrate ways we can move forward together.

  • Byrne Seminar: A Conversation With DeForest B. Soaries

    Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway sat down with DeForest B. Soaries—Baptist minister, author, public advocate and financial educator—for his Byrne Seminar Citizenship, Institutions, and the Public.

    On Speech

    Professor Stacy Hawkins examines a vital issue facing higher education today — academic freedom and its potential impact on cultural perspectives — in the first webinar in a new series presented by the Office of the Provost. Watch and learn about issues relative to both concepts and how they can synergize to create a more dynamic educational atmosphere.

  • Reject Hate

    A collection of resources that reaffirm our community commitment toward respecting each other in both word and deed and serve as a reminder of the consequences of hate. These include:

    Respect Faith Practices

    Learn more about university policy relating to religious observances and culturally significant holidays.



Upcoming Event

Messages from Leadership

Communications from Chancellor Conway encouraging students, faculty, and staff to cultivate a community of care.

February 20, 2024 - Chancellor Conway and Senior Vice President for Equity, Enobong “Anna” Branch invite the Rutgers–New Brunswick community to attend a special launch event for Phase 2 of the Rutgers–New Brunswick Diversity Strategic Plan.

Freedom from Discrimination, Freedom to Learn in Safety

November 13, 2023 - Chancellor Conway reaffirms Rutgers–New Brunswick's commitments to cultivating a beloved community that values tolerance, free expression, and mutual respect.

Promoting the Safety of Our Community

November 6, 2023 - Chancellor Conway urges faculty, staff, and students to be proactive in promoting the safety and well-being of our community.

Caring for Each Other During Times of Crisis

October 19, 2023 - Chancellor Conway offers encouragement, guidance, and resources on how faculty and staff can continue to support students and each other during challenging times.