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Rutgers for Real

Real Students. Real Stories.

Rutgers for Real

Real Students. Real Stories.

"Rutgers is definitely the right place, especially for first generation students from underrepresented communities like me. The support you will receive here is unparalleled and there is always someone here to guide you."

"Every day at Rutgers, I meet individuals with all different backgrounds and experiences. This has broadened my perspective of the world and encouraged me to continue learning more about those around me in order to better connect with them and ultimately serve them in the future."

"Your first couple of years at Rutgers are the perfect time to take an intro class just because it interests you. Make decisions for your personal happiness, not to meet the expectations of others."

"As an out-of-state student, I did not know anyone upon entering my first year. However, Rutgers quickly began to feel like home as I made new friends, joined clubs, and fell in love with the academic environment."

"Rutgers has networks everywhere, which is key for my future. Rutgers is home and I think attending this university was the best decision in my life."

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