Livingston Campus Sculpture Tour

The expansive Livingston Campus, the youngest and largest of Rutgers–New Brunswick’s five campuses, is home to many first-year students. The sculpture found here expresses a forward-looking personality, an academic feel, and a delightful eccentricity. Download the PDF.

Education Is an Open Book (1987), Melvin Edwards

Education Is an Open Book

Displayed outside of the James Dickson Carr Library, the towering Education Is an Open Book reminds students of the opportunities available through education.

Photo: Nick Romanenko.

Don Quixote (1976), Nikolai Silis

Don Quixote with a Flower (1976) by Nikolai Silis

Donated by Mr. and Mrs. Igor Gomberg and installed in 2012, Don Quixote with a Flower is the creation of Russian sculptor Nikolai Silis. In this abstract copper work located near the entrance to the James Dickson Carr Library, Don Quixote sits in a relaxed position as he examines a flower.

Photo: Nick Romanenko.

Calligraph KC III (1968), Herbert Ferber

Calligraph KC III

Moved from its original home outside of Brower Commons on the College Avenue Campus, Calligraph KC III, an abstract copper “K” and “C” configuration, now stands proudly in the fountain area outside of Lucy Stone Hall.

Photo: Nick Romanenko.

Zhu’s Helper (2012), Gary Kuehn

Zhu’s Helper (2012) by Gary Kuehn

This sculpture by artist and Rutgers professor Gary Kuehn was built by four undergraduate visual arts students in the Mason Gross School of the Arts. Situated outside the Livingston Sculpture Arts Building, the work is a nod to Zhu Rong, a Chinese mythological god who is said to be responsible for separating the sky and earth. 

Photo: Nick Romanenko.

Finding a Way in This World (2002), Roger Borg

Finding a Way in This World

A steel casting of a beech tree limb felled in a storm, this work, located near the Visual Arts Building, was created by Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of the Arts alumnus Roger Borg to be “a visualization of the many interactions, events, circumstances, and choices made in life.” 

Photo: Zainab Miller.

Untitled (1973) by “People’s Painters”


Painted by “People’s Painters”—a largely student-run group established under the guidance of professor James Cockcroft and his wife, Eva Cockcroft, a noted muralist—this mural, near the intersection of Road 1 and County Rd 3, celebrates the idea of “Strength through Diversity.”