JED Campus Initiative

What is a JED Campus?

JED Campus is a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to guide schools through a multi-year collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention efforts.

Why JED Campus?

Rutgers–New Brunswick is committed to the emotional well-being and mental health of our students. JED Campus will provide the tools to create positive, lasting, systemic change in our campus community.

Being a JED Campus provides Rutgers–New Brunswick with:

  • Access to a dedicated JED Campus advisor as well as clinicians and staff with expertise in campus mental health who will work to enhance existing emotional health, substance abuse, and suicide-prevention efforts on campus.  
  • Participation in the JED Campus Learning Community – a network of JED Campus schools that share learnings and experiences as well as presentations/discussions on specific topics of interest that emerge from JED’s work with JED Campus schools.
  • Access to an in-depth, online resource library.
  • The JED Campus membership seal to signify our commitment to student well-being.
JED Campus Member Seal

Our JED Strategic Plan

The Rutgers–New Brunswick JED strategic plan will address specific action items in six targeted domains:

  1. Strategic planning & communication
  2. Identifying students at risk & crisis management
  3. Encourage help-seeking behavior
  4. Enhance services for substance use & mental health
  5. Enhance existing life skill programs
  6. Promote social connectedness
students stand outside talking to each other
JED Campus Member Seal
students stand outside talking to each other

Our JED Campus Timeline

Summer 2019

Rutgers University decides to join the JED Campus initiative, and the Rutgers–New Brunswick JED Campus Team is identified.

Fall 2019

Rutgers started the JED Campus Process, administered the Healthy Minds Survey to students, and completed a comprehensive self-assessment.

Spring 2020

The Rutgers–New Brunswick JED Campus team prepared for an in-person site visit with JED Campus consultants. Due to COVID-19, the site visit was rescheduled for Fall 2020. Rutgers' self-assessment team presented the feedback report to university leadership and the New Brunswick JED Campus team.

Summer 2020

The university received the Healthy Minds Survey data and analyzed its findings.

Fall 2020

The Rutgers–New Brunswick JED Campus Strategic Plan draft is presented to the New Brunswick JED Campus Team, which prioritized action items into target delivery time frames: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+ months. A JED Campus advisor participated in a two-day virtual site visit.

Spring 2021

The Rutgers–New Brunswick JED Campus Strategic Plan is finalized by the New Brunswick JED Campus Team, who created working groups for the identified domains.

Fall 2021

JED working groups continue to address identified issues to improve outcomes. Website improvements implemented. JED website created and the health and wellness website is re-designed.

Spring 2022

JED working groups continue to address identified issues to improve outcomes. Mental health impacts factored into an expanding number of university processes including academics. Chancellor-Provost Conway creates the Scarlet Well initiative.

Fall 2022

Second implementation of the Healthy Minds Study. Second completion of the campus self-assessment.