Progress is Earned

Rutgers student rowing in Raritan River

Progress is Earned: Big Ten TV Commercial

On the banks of the Raritan, the gears of progress turn
Powered by a willingness to stand for what’s right
By gaining ground in the race of our lifetime
And by ensuring every step we take includes our responsibility to the future.
Wherever the human race moves forward, you can be sure there’s someone there… pushing, learning, persevering
Because progress isn’t just made, it’s earned.

It's All About The Work

Progress doesn’t happen easily. It’s the result of long hours, occasional sweat, and perseverance to see it through. Progress is born of determination, and Rutgers gives everyone—from engineers to artists to the business leaders of tomorrow—the opportunities to make the most of theirs.

Your New Jersey State University

On the banks of the Raritan River, progress is born and nurtured. With a diverse student body, prestigious faculty, vast resources, and champion Scarlet Knights, Rutgers is the ideal destination for your curiosity and perseverance.

New Brunswick

The First Step

Do you have what it takes to face the rigors exacted by progress, and reap the rewards of your labors? With over 300 research centers and institutes, more than 150 majors, and a campus life that offers endless new experiences, you can push yourself to succeed working alongside top-ranked students and professors.

students walking on campus

The Journey Continues

You’ve proven you have what it takes to achieve. Have you reconnected with your fellow grads, or made new connections with like-minded Rutgers alums? Now is also a great time to pay it forward, so Rutgers can continue putting its focus on tomorrow.

alumni parade
New Brunswick
students walking on campus
alumni parade

Earning Our Way

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