Rutgers Communications and Marketing (R-Comm) serves the vital missions of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences communities.

*Following data as of July 2020

This is R-Comm. (Poster)

This is R-Comm.

This is R-Comm. We’re a marketing and communications department serving the vital missions of Rutgers–New Brunswick and RBHS communities.

We’re strategists and creatives, digital mavens and social butterflies. Thinkers who do, and doers who think.

Put another way, we make things happen...

...working seamlessly, collaboratively and always digital-first to deliver high-quality messaging with huge impact. Whether we are breaking news of our latest discoveries across statewide and national media or planning and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns that get results, we’re here to make sure YOUR Rutgers is heard.

We help attract tomorrow’s students, faculty, and staff, and elevate our prominence in the public eye. We live and breathe the Rutgers brand, and we’re ready to tell your stories like no one else can. Whatever your needs--from producing websites and new media to internal communications and engaging virtual events--we’ll get your message out to the Rutgers community, our academic partners, and the world at large.

Let’s work together.

Informing the World

Fueling continuous media coverage highlights Rutgers’ great minds and great work, and is essential to maintaining our distinguished reputation. We're the dependable source for timely, relevant information and are skilled at preparing key individuals for high-visibility interviews.

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Media Placements
Training Sessions
Major Issues Managed
Placements in Top-ranked Major Media

Keeping It Social

Connecting with the online community is a vital part of doing business, but it takes proper execution. Our team of social experts works tirelessly to maintain Rutgers–New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) social channels with fresh content while also monitoring and engaging visitors 24/7.

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Supporting Two Communities

Rutgers–New Brunswick and RBHS each have distinct marketing and communications needs that call for specialized attention from a dedicated team, and we proudly serve the larger, never-ending efforts of both.

The Tools You Need

Browse the growing library of communicator resources, templates, and guidelines as you prepare your next outreach.

Making It Happen

Your great ideas need resources and experience to realize their full potential. Our production hub of seasoned writers, designers, and multimedia specialists is a creative powerhouse that can help bring your messages to life.




Design Deliverables


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Work Highlights


When everyone’s world was turned upside down by the pandemic, the Rutgers community came together as never before to find solutions, to inspire, and–as always–to educate. This campaign takes the lead in communicating the value of a world-class research institution and our contributions to the global community as we combat COVID-19 on many different fronts.

weRUnited Social Ad

Rankings Campaign

There’s much to be proud of at Rutgers–New Brunswick: a top university in the northeast and a top 25 public university nationwide. R-Comm is communicating the value of our far-reaching opportunities, a place where students can thrive; while also promoting our reputation of supporting the global community. Leveraging our rankings is one way to entice prospective parents, students, and faculty to explore all that Rutgers has to offer.

rankings billboard

Brand Work

This is a pact with our communicators, a commitment to a clearer, stronger identity. Uniting under one brand will elevate Rutgers universitywide. The need to bring our wide-ranging areas of expertise into a single platform is undeniable, a step that will enable the university to articulate its value and what we stand for. A unified brand empowers us to promote the university as a whole rather than its individual priorities, and will ultimately help Rutgers continue to build its community.

Brand Exploration Work
weRUnited Social Ad
rankings billboard
Brand Exploration Work

Strategizing Your Digital Success

We devise content strategies for websites and email campaigns that meet your goals and priorities by informing, engaging, and driving response.

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Broadcasting Far and Wide

Rutgers’ own professionally and student-staffed RU-tv network generates original programming and expertly broadcasts/streams live events with uniquely impactful uses.

An Enhanced Student Experience

RU-tv’s student employees, interns, and living-learning community gain hands-on experience in editing, engineering, master control, operations, and marketing. RU-tv alumni work in front of and behind the cameras at NBC, ABC, CNN, FOX, and NJ12, among others.


Internal/External Communications

RU-tv creates over 250 video packages, shows, public service announcements, and promos a year, providing tools and opportunities to share timely Rutgers–New Brunswick/RBHS information. High-profile campus events are live-streamed to internal and external audiences utilizing a sophisticated fiber-connected network.


Let's Work Together

When your needs meet our resources and experience, we deliver results.