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School of Communication and Information

Communication and Information and Its Practice in Society

The School of Communication and Information offers undergraduate and graduate programs designed so students can succeed in the fast-paced and dynamic fields of communication, information, and media.

Full- and part-time faculty
Collaborative research centers, labs, and clusters
Undergraduates, master's, and doctoral students
A strong and connected alumni network
Jawaria Saddiqui

Why do you love SC&I?

Talented, Smart Communicators Are in Demand

Students choose the School of Communication and Information because of the opportunities to study with our outstanding faculty in proximity to the major job markets in New York City and Philadelphia. Our graduates go on to find successful careers in a variety of fields, including the media, libraries, cultural organizations, management, information technology, communication, and service professions.

Program Spotlight: The Media, Inequality, and Change Center

Collaboration between public activists and journalists creates a platform for tackling the challenges brought on by rapid technological advancement and the shifting role played by the media.

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