Scholarly Publications

Rutgers is home to the Rutgers University Press and to scholarly journals, reports, books, newsletters, and public interest materials published by departments, schools, centers, and professional societies.

New Releases from Rutgers University Press

From College in Prison, a look at how Bard College provided hundreds of incarcerated people access to a high-quality liberal arts education, to Twelve-Cent Archie, a scholarly examination of the beloved comic, Rutgers University Press always has something new and interesting on offer.

Rutgers University Press

Founded in 1936, the Rutgers University Press publishes print and electronic books in a broad array of disciplines across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The press is also notable for its catalog of scholarly and popular-interest books about New Jersey and the surrounding region.

Scholarly and Public-Interest Publications

These publications, produced by Rutgers departments and research centers, are of interest to the academic community and the general public.