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Rutgers Communications and Marketing (R-Comm) serves the vital missions of the Rutgers University–New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences communities.

*Following data as of July 2021

Grounded in strategy.
Ready for anything.

Sure enough, “anything” happened last year. So R-Comm adapted to meet unprecedented challenges, launching new mediums that tell the Rutgers story as never before, delivering important health news while providing access to our world-renowned thought leaders when they are needed most.

computer screen of Diversity website that says Rutgers Is Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2020 Impact Report

Here at R-Comm, we live by the motto “grounded in strategy, ready for anything”. And last year, anything happened.
Faced with an unprecedented health crisis and the challenge of navigating this unfamiliar landscape, we invented new way to create, to collaborate, and to tell the Rutgers story.
From sharing far and wide all that Rutgers was doing to fight the pandemic, to supporting our vaccination clinic openings, to helping ensure our internal community was informed and engaged every step of the way.
R-Comm discovered the resilience to do some of best and our most important work.
No matter what comes our way, R-Comm is ready to elevate our brand by enlightening the public about the outstanding work Rutgers does to improve the human condition.

Informing the World

In today’s ever-changing media landscape, news coverage is essential to maintaining our distinguished reputation. Our team of media relations professionals works 24/7 to highlight Rutgers’ accomplishments, devise digital strategies, provide interview training, engage journalists and the public, and serve as a dependable source of timely, relevant, and exciting information about Rutgers’ great minds and great work.

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Keeping It Social

R-Comm grows Rutgers–New Brunswick and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) social channels with fresh, engaging content that reaches widely across the Rutgers community and around the world, including critical updates on all the developments throughout the COVID pandemic.

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Supporting Two Communities

Rutgers–New Brunswick and RBHS each have distinct marketing and communications needs that call for specialized attention from a dedicated team, and we proudly serve the larger, never-ending efforts of both.

Bridging Rutgers to the World

R-Comm provides an essential link between Rutgers and the community in all its forms, internal and external. While much of the work has shifted beyond in-person happenings like Rutgers Day—one of the largest events in the state of New Jersey—to include running a host of virtual activities, we continue to help local residents and organizations connect to the university's many resources.

Here is just a sampling of our work:

  • Community Outreach
  • Event Planning
  • Newsletters
  • Online Directories
  • Producing the “On the Pandemic” Podcast
Rutgers Day Crowd

Tools to Create

Browse the growing library of communicator resources, templates, and guidelines as you prepare your next outreach.

Making It Happen

Inspired creative work that turns heads and gets noticed is what R-Comm produces every day, with writers, designers, and videographers ready to meet every communications need for all of Rutgers.

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Work Highlights


With everyone’s world upended by the pandemic, the Rutgers community has come together to find solutions, to inspire, and–as always–to educate. This campaign takes the lead in communicating the value of a world-class research institution and our contributions to the global community as we combat COVID-19 on many different fronts.

#weRunited video on computer screen

Together Starts Here

Amid widespread doubt and confusion, R-Comm has contextualized the rollout of the COVID vaccines as a crucial first step in getting back to the business of on-campus learning in a safe manner after a difficult year.

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Fulbright Campaign

We showcase Rutgers’ tremendous success with the Fulbright Scholar Program as a celebration of past achievements and an enticement to prospective students, and we share our pride that Rutgers continues to attract the best and brightest.

Fulbright Billboard

Community Is Everything

When called upon to change the way people perceived Rutgers Community Health Center, R-Comm acknowledged that RCHC is an integral part of a diverse Newark neighborhood, committed to local residents. We effectively lean into their common beliefs to both strengthen and expand their relationship with new and existing patients.

RCHC social ad

Brand Work

This is a pact with our communicators, a commitment to a clearer, stronger identity, uniting under one brand and thereby continuing to elevate Rutgers universitywide. Bringing our wide-ranging expertise into a single platform has enabled the university to better articulate its value and what we stand for, empowering us to promote the university as a whole rather than its individual priorities, which ultimately helps to build the Rutgers community.

  • 12 major collaborations among 26 schools and units
  • Increased brand alignment
  • At least $20K savings across schools/units for social and news media monitoring
Brand Exploration Work
#weRunited video on computer screen
hand holding a mobile phone
Fulbright Billboard
RCHC social ad
Brand Exploration Work

Strategizing Your Digital Success

We devise content strategies for websites and email campaigns that inform, engage, and drive response, and we partner with schools, units, and cost centers on website redesign projects using the RCCL to drive deeper user engagement.

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Let's Work Together

When your needs meet our resources and experience, we deliver results.